Our mission is to help medical clinics provide better care to their patients, have happier staff and doctors, and to be more profitable. We aim for a minimum 300% return on investment (and a goal of 1000%) on Cortico products, and offer a full refund if you are not satisfied in 90 days. Telehealth is available free for 3 months during the COVID-19 pandemic. The complete package typically costs $70 to $140 per month per full time equivalent doctor at your clinic for registration terminals, online booking, and other workflow automation tools. This includes one day of training, and we offer additional training packages on Oscar workflows with Cortico to help you get the most out of the system.


Feature Base Package Full Package
online Family Practice booking
specialist roster management
online walk-in system
book phone, video, or in-person appointments
automated follow-ups
self check-in/registration
patient queue system
email appointment confirmation/reminder
diagnostic question system
Best-in-class privacy and security