Features included in all Cortico Packages
Appointment Reminders

Automatic email and/or text message appointment reminders drastically reduce losses from no-shows or last-minute cancellations.


Connect with patients to provide video based healthcare and prescription from your phone, tablet or computer.

EMR Work Automation

browser add-on for Oscar allows clinics to save even more staff and doctor time

Medical Clinic Kiosk

Cortico kiosk terminals automate various clinic functions so staff can focus on patient care.

Prescription Automation

System to allow patients to manage their own prescriptions, avoiding coordination effort on the part of doctors and staff.

Patient Self-registration

Cortico allows patients to sign up, and keep their details up-to-date without taking your staff's time.


Cortico allows patients to pay for appointments, and (coming soon) late fees, notes and forms.


Help Chinese, Indian and other patients to book online

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For Doctors and Clinic Managers